Gaza and Ukraine EU’s Moral Dilemma

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European Union (EU) Foreign Minister Joseph Burrell recently admitted that Europe has double standards towards Gaza and Ukraine issues where Europe’s support for Ukraine is a moral imperative, but regarding Gaza, solving the problems of the people who are trapped in an open prison is not within the competence of the EU.

He also said that we are often criticized for adopting double standards, but international politics is mainly about applying double standards. We do not use the same criteria for all issues.

Europe’s surrender and support to America’s policies are happening in the EU regarding international events in other parts of the world than Europe. The EU is compelled to support the US in its policies, and in recent years, especially after the tenure of former US President Donald Trump. They were dissatisfied with his unilateralist policies and wanted a policy independent of them. However, they reached less agreement.

As it was in Ukraine, Gaza is not a polity in which the EU is independent. Morality, at most times, is interpreted in two ways. The issue is who is against morality. If the white race is European, they deserve respect, and if there are Arab residents in Gaza, it should be seen what the Israelis think!

The world order as we know it today was created after World War II and expanded after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This order is planned to be led by the US, under Washington’s permanent military hegemony, to place Europe under American protection. This strategy aims to ensure that no small power emerges in Europe, and in fact, the ultimate goal is to make everyone dependent on the US and its allies. Therefore, the EU has no choice but to follow the policies of the US.

Zionists have a strong influence on the world. They receive millions of dollars in financial support from the US annually, and all American presidents have been committed to Israel’s interests. The Israeli lobby in the US, which is even called the Zionist lobby by some western sources, is a coalition of individuals, groups, and institutions whose goal is to influence the foreign policy of the US and push it towards supporting the Zionists and the policies of the regime of Tel Aviv. This lobby includes a wide range of people and different groups, from secular and Christian to American Jews.

The Zionist media are in charge of the pulse of the events in the US and they have influenced the political-social scene of the US. Zionists believe that the press should be Israel’s priority to establish its power in the world. Accordingly, Zionist lobbies have gained much influence in the US media. The Zionist lobby has a special place in this country due to its power, efficiency, and ability to shape part of the US foreign policy. Although Jews make up only three per cent of the US population, they have become the most influential ethnic minority in the US power structure.

The Zionists believe that if they cannot dominate the media and press of the world, the project of forming the “State of Israel” will not succeed. Among other famous channels, the Zionist lobby has taken under their control are the ABC channel and Colombia’s CBS channel. In addition to Americans, millions of people in Europe and Latin America are recruited to serve these networks, which are Zionist organizations.

The Zionist lobbies and tools are trying hard to place Jewish-American elites in critical and sensitive positions in the White House and the US administration. Accordingly, in the past decades, the Zionist lobby has managed to increase its ingress within the European governments and increase its intensity of pressuring the American governments.

Accordingly, the EU cannot simply question Israel’s warmongering policies. A confrontation with Israel risks a confrontation with the US. Europe is not in a position to adopt an independent policy from Washington.

Let us look at NATO and the EU; NATO was kept operational and became strong after the end of the Cold War due to constant European support. In the Ukraine crisis, NATO did not act as it should have, negating its fundamental foundational principle to deter Moscow. The EU is silent against Moscow’s expansion military and has merely imposed a wave of sanctions against it. The US is ahead of the EU even in European policies. Instead, even the EU has not been able to take a common position against the sanctions against Russia because of its heavy dependence on Moscow’s economy and energy. Even the Europeans expect the US to think of finding a new energy market for them.

Power is the only important issue in the world of politics, and any country with the resources of power can determine the course of politics and become a global hegemon. Europe expects the power to become independent from the US in European policies, but it does not want to be at the frontlines of confrontation. The Ukraine war illustrated this process perfectly. In the Gaza crisis, the EU cannot support the Palestinians and has no choice but to be morally ambivalent about the residents of Ukraine and Gaza.

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